All the built for purpose functionality, durability, dependability and smart technology of a Transit, condensed into a highly efficient compact van: that’s new Transit Courier.
    Perfect for busy town and city streets, new Transit Courier is easy to drive and manoeuvre while its size also makes it effortless to park. And however many stops you need to make in a working week, it won’t often be for fuel. That’s because the award winning 1.0L EcoBoost petrol engine, and advanced 1.5L and 1.6L Duratorq diesel engines, are designed to deliver outstanding fuel economy.
    Don’t be deceived by the van’s compact appearance either. This is a commercial vehicle, one that provides you with an excellent 2.3 cu.m of load space.
    Missed calls can be missed business opportunities. So a range of advanced technologies include Ford SYNC with Voice Control which enables you to make and take phone calls hands-free. The system can even read your incoming text messages aloud.
    With its modern design, outstanding efficiency and car-like comfort, new Transit Courier could be one of the smartest investments you make in your business.



    New Transit Coming Soon



    Compact and tough, the Transit Connect definitely means business. Beneath a stylish and bold exterior it's engineered to the same exacting standards as the larger Transit van.

    The cabin styling is now more attractive and more car-like, offering an unparalleled level of comfort in the small-van sector. The interior includes an array of features arranged in a redesigned instrument panel. Plus, there are clever touches, such as automatic hazard lights to warn following drivers if you're braking heavily.

    Available with a range of Duratorq TDCi engines, Transit Connect is your powerful, durable and flexible workmate. Whatever you're carrying (people, goods, materials or tools) you'll enjoy the added productivity, and profitability, that it delivers.

    Combining a huge capacity for hard work with the drive characteristics of a car, Transit Connect is the definitive small van.



    The all new Transit Custom sets the benchmark for efficiency and loadspace, improves your productivity and will make a striking impression on your customers. So it fully merits the prestigious International Van of the Year award.

    All-new Transit Custom is also the first and only van in its segment to have achieved a maximum 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP. Two of its innovative technologies, Lane Keeping Alert and Ford SYNC® with Emergency Assistance, also received Euro NCAP Advanced rewards for technology: the first for any commercial vehicle in history.

    The mid-sized model in our all-new Transit range, the Transit Custom achieves outstanding fuel economy, thanks largely to fuel-saving ECOnetic technologies like Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging. Its comfortable, durable interior will make your working day easier – especially the cab, which functions as a mobile office. Loadspace is exceptional, too. And whether you choose the Van, Double Cab-in-Van or Kombi, you can draw upon many advanced technologies, including the Ford SYNC voice control and MP3/iPod and phone connectivity system.



    Your choice of commercial vehicle affects the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business. And making the right choice has never been as important.

    That’s why the Ford Transit has been further improved and updated: we’ve put more new technology in, so you can get more out.

    For example, there’s a new, more powerful and highly efficient engine range which meets the stringent Stage V European emissions standards. You also have Smart Regenerative Charging, which only charges the battery when it needs it, plus an option on the ECO Pack of an Auto-Start-Stop system, which saves fuel (and money) whenever you have to stop.

    Combined, these and many other innovations make the Ford Transit more fuel efficient, harder working and better looking than ever before.



    Throughout the entire development process, we worked closely with the bodybuilding industry to ensure that all standard body types, and most bespoke solutions, can be fitted easily and efficiently with little or no modification. With low frame rails, integral body mounting points and robust high tensile steel frame construction, Transit Chassis Cab provides a strong and reliable base for virtually any conversion.
    Contact your local A M Phillip Trucktech Ltd branch to find out more and test drive the Transit Chassis Cab.


    Comfortable, safe and more efficient than ever.
    If you need to move people from one place to another, your vehicle’s efficiency is key. After all, it directly affects profitability. With this in mind, we’ve improved and updated the Transit Minibus to make it a vehicle designed and built for the business world of today.
    For example, it’s powered by new, more fuel-efficient engines, which meet Stage V European emissions standards. And you have the Smart Regenerative Charging Technology, which only charges the battery when necessary and the Auto-Start-Stop, which saves fuel whenever you stop in traffic. We’ve also enhanced the travel experience for driver and passengers alike.
    All these upgrades are packaged in a comprehensive, flexible range of bodystyles. Whichever model you choose, it’ll be fuel-efficient and dependable, safe and comfortable.



    The Ford Ranger has been ruthlessly tested in some of the most hostile environments, under extreme temperatures, and across the harshest terrain on earth.

    The vehicle’s also been put to the test by some of the world’s most unforgiving judges, who voted the Ranger: International Pick-Up Award 2013. These leading motoring journalists were unanimous in their decision, giving Ranger more points than the combined total for both the second and third-placed vehicles.

    No doubt the judges were impressed by the extra power, delivered by a line-up of advanced Duratorq diesel engines, which can help you transport a payload of up to 1,340 kg and tow up to 3,500 kg. At the same time, the engines provide improved fuel economy while meeting Euro Stage V emissions standards.



    You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and technology because you need a vehicle that’s functional and versatile. You don’t have to compromise on performance when you expect fuel efficiency. And you don’t have to forget about style when you want practicality. With the all-new Tourneo Connect, you can have it all.



    The Tourneo Custom takes the best things about Ford people-movers and enhances them, offering generous space and comfort for up to nine people beneath a stylish new exterior.

    The vehicle is designed to protect you all. In fact, you’ll be reassured to know that the Tourneo Custom has achieved a maximum 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP. Two of its innovative technologies, Lane Keeping Alert and Ford SYNC® with Emergency Assistance, also received Euro NCAP Advanced rewards for technology.
    The luxurious interior has innovative Flexible Rear Seats, capable of more than 30 different configurations, giving you all the versatility you need. There are cutting-edge features like the Ford SYNC voice control and MP3/phone connectivity system, which can even help you call the emergency services after an accident. And the vehicle’s aerodynamic design, economical engine and fuel-saving technologies, like Auto-Start-Stop, make it one of the most efficient People mover’s available.