• Daily Van

    Daily Van

    Combining high carrying capacity and maximum productivity, the robust but agile, powerful but economical New Daily van has the answer to all your transport problems.
    Champion of reliability and robustness, New Daily van is easy to handle in city traffic and ensures fast commercial speeds over long distances. All this translates into truly super productivity.
    New Daily van is equipped to tackle all roads and missions in an eco-friendly, cost-effective manner  – with 9 engine versions (from 106 to 205 HP), the most comprehensive range of gross vehicle weights (from 3.3 to 7 tonnes), and a loading capacity of up to 4.3 tonnes (the highest in its class).
    The three interior heights, the three wheelbases and the four lengths amount to no fewer than eight different load volumes, from 7 to 17 cubic metres.
    By combining all variables, you can create a vehicle that is practically made to measure.
    New Daily van has a complete range with the right solution for all.

  • Daily Chassis Cab

    Daily Chassis Cab

    The strength of an industrial vehicle with the handling of a van : New Daily Chassis Cab is unbeatable for use on construction sites. It is agile in cities and quick on transfers.
    With a single or twin wheel rear axle, it is designed and built  to work hard. It is the ideal solution for fixed and tipping bodies, alloy and refrigerated van bodies and special applications, like waste collection vehicles, ambulances and motorhomes. Structural strength is guaranteed by a ladder chassis that is made to last and provides excellent support for all types of bodies. This practically designed chassis is the favourite of body and equipment fitters as it provides a completely flat upper surface. The gearbox also comes with provision for a flanged PTO that can deliver up to 180 Nm of usable torque. The Expansion Module  has been developed to allow the integration of  vehicle  electronics  with that of any additional bodybuilder equipment connections that utilize standard CAN configuration. Particularly important for construction site missions is the crew cab version with 6 seats + driver. New Daily can be driven with B type driving licence (gross vehicle weight up to 3.5 tonnes).

  • Daily Driveaway

    Daily Driveaway

    New Daily Driveaway allows you to order a complete vehicle from A M Phillip Trucktech with the peace of mind that you will receive the quality you expect from Iveco translated into your final working product.

    Choose from Dropside, Tipper and Luton bodies in a choice of whellbase, body length and options. 

  • New Eurocargo

    New Eurocargo

    Eurocargo: the most suitable truck for every application - thanks to sound engineering, great manoeuvrability and a range that is unparalleled.
    With the Eurocargo, Iveco offers customers and bodybuilders a custom made vehicle for any transport requirement in the middleweight sector.
    The secret of the Eurocargo's success lies in its versatility:
    - it is easy to drive, even in city centres thanks to a compact cab, an excellent steering angle (52 degrees) and a tight turning circle (starting from just over 11 m between kerbs);
    - at the same time it offers excellent performance on long trips or on particularly difficult missions (up to 300 HP and 1,050 Nm of torque).
    - The Eurocargo is also a reference point in its category for its chassis. The structure (strong high tensile longitudinal steel beams) is completely flat and free from obstructions and allows bodylengths from 4,135 to 10,550 mm. This enables the Eurocargo to be easily adapted for any type of mission: from urban delivery to construction site work, from goods transport to municipal services.
    - The Eurocargo is a vehicle which was born to be profitable, reliable and long-lasting.

  • Trakker


    The new Trakkers make every job possible. Insurmountable obstacle? Yes, they can. Insuperable limit? Yes, they can.
    Iveco's New Trakker range brings you a better, more functional design to optimise performance and reliability.
    The New Trakker is designed to work in all weathers and on all types of terrain – from unmetalled roads to extreme off-road conditions – with the utmost safety, comfort and productivity.
    Thanks to the features offered and the extensive range of variants, the New Trakker is the right vehicle for every mission

  • Stralis Hi-SCR

    Stralis Hi-SCR

    Think big. The new Stralis is an outstanding solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business, and the only vehicle in its class to offer such a wide and integrated range of functions for optimising costs.

  • Daily 4x4

    Daily 4x4

    New Daily 4x4 offers the best combination of payload and off-road performance in the light truck category and guarantees mobility on any route, in any climate and with any road surface condition.
    This product is the result of a rigorous off-road set up:
    • truck-derived chassis (side-members in special steel with a 5 mm thick C section) which makes it suitable for difficult missions with specific customisations such as snow ploughs and cranes,
    • permanent all wheel drive transmission with three available differential locks (front, rear, central),
    • 24 forward gear ratios and 4 reverse overall with the possibility of selecting the first synchronised reduction (half speed) with the vehicle in motion,
    • parabolic suspension with live front axle.

  • Eurocargo 4x4

    Eurocargo 4x4

    Eurocargo is also a key off road player: The 4x4 driveline allows it to tackle the most difficult terrain and missions with surprising agility for a vehicle with a high load capacity.
    The Eurocargo 4x4 features specific structural protection systems designed for the toughest off-road missions: the height of the frame, the steel bumper, the retractable access steps, specific radiator protection, the retractable rear underrun protection and the metal headlamp protection grilles – which all differentiate it when compared to the 4x2 versions.
    Eurocargo 4x4 is a vehicle which stands out not only for its qualities of robustness and reliability, but also for its excellent manoeuvrability and technical characteristics.
    Eurocargo 4x4 is a four wheel drive high performance vehicle which can perform missions effortlessly, for example:
    road building and civil construction,
    transport off road,
    winter road maintenance duties,
    maintenance of systems and power lines in off road areas,
    civil protection and roadside emergency service.

  • Daily Electric

    Daily Electric

    The New Daily Electric represents the future of urban transportation:
    in fact, it is classified as a ZEV (Zero-Emission Vehicle), therefore it is a commercial vehicle which is not subject to the traffic restrictions which apply to internal combustion vehicles.
    Ideal for short range missions and for door to door deliveries, the New Daily Electric optimises the advantages of the electric drive: it instantly develops maximum torque from the motor generator, and it is silent and ecological.
    The most recent result of twenty years of research (the first electric Daily dated back to 1986), today the New Daily electric is sold, guaranteed and serviced by Iveco via its Dealer network.