When it comes to moving passengers quickly, safely and in comfort, the Transit Minibus is the obvious choice. With comfort, flexibility and space, even the longest journeys are a pleasure. With toughness and durability built into its DNA, the Transit Minibus is built to last and perform in every situation.

With three wheelbases offering seating capacities from 11 to 18 people, the Transit Minibus provides for a wide range of passenger carrying businesses. With the choice of 125 or 155PS from the 2.2 Duratorq engine, there is plenty of power. And all Transit Minibuses are rear wheel drive.

Seating choices range from a standard roof L2 wheelbase with 11/12 seats, 14/15 in the L3 wheelbase with either a standard or high roof and 17/18 seats in the L4 wheelbase with a high roof. Each vehicle can be specified with the Base or Trend model options.

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