Forklift loading into New Fiat Scudo

New Scudo

The new Fiat Professional Scudo van is available as both diesel powered and all-electric powertrains. The all-electric versions completely new to the range

Interior load volume is surprisingly generous with up to 6.6m3 of load-space capacity coupled with a nominal payload of up to 14000 Kg. All this within a compact and minimal exterior.

With a car-like driving experience, an ergonomic interior and comfortable driving position, the Scudo takes you on your journey, long or short with the minimum of fuss and stress

With a functional interior design, the new Scudo allows you to tailor and adapt to just the way you need it. Coupled with the generous load volume this means new Scudo works hard for you delivering the loading solutions to need.

A new electric motor brings a new way of powering your new Scudo and elevates the performance to a new uncompromising level. A choice of 50 or 75 kWh battery gives you the options to suit your journey requirements and job needs. A diesel engine with four options including a 2.0 litre diesel powertrain combined with an 8-speed automated transmission gives and economical baseline to most missions.

Back of New Fiat Scudo

Traffic signals recognitions

The digital cluster display on new Scudo recognises road signs and reproduces these providing a valuable safety devices

Lane assist on New Fiat Scudo

Lane Departure Warning

Lane assist is a useful safety tool giving an audible and visual signal when the vehicle drifts across the road edges or passes over the lane boundaries.

Blind-spot alert on New Fiat Scudo

Side Blind-Spot Alert

Drive blind spots are a major contributor to road collisions be it when the vehicle is undergoing a tricky or tight manoeuvre or when being overtaken from behind on the motorway. New Scudo has a blind spot indicator which activates in these situations to alert the driver of a hazard which is out of their view. Lights on the side mirrors activate to warn of these potential dangers.

Emergency Break Control on New Fiat Scudo

Forward collision warning and AEB control

New Fiat Professional Scudo is safe not only for the driver but also for pedestrians and other road users as well.  A front radar system recognises alerts the driver both visually and with an audible when there is and obstacle in its pathway.  The Active Emergency Brake Control system engages the emergency brake automatically aiding the driver in avoiding any potential collision.

Rearview Camera on New Fiat Scudo

Rearview camera

The 7”inch digital radio screen coupled with an improved rear-view parking camera aids driver reversing by means of a dynamic grid giving additional guidance and assistance by mirroring the steering wheel as it turns.

Grip control on New Fiat Scudo

Grip control

When road conditions change, new Scudo can adapt with five different driving modes through its Grip Control System.  ESP is manged through the choice of Asphalt, Snow, Sand, Mud and ESP off depending on the conditions.

Woman on Tablet in interior of New Fiat Scudo

Comfort in every trip

Comfort is to the fore in the new Scudo with different seat configurations allowing for journey to be comfortable and enjoyable. The productivity of a commercial vehicle combined with a car-like driving position gives you productivity and function without compromising on driveabilty.

New Fiat Scudo
Interior of New Fiat Scudo
back of New Fiat Scudo