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  • Having fun is hard work too
  • 2.4 150HP & 180HP Diesel engines
  • Two trim levels and Cross special edition
  • Double cab manual or automatic
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    Built for work. Built for life

    Be demanding, be rewarded. FULLBACK IS THE FIAT PROFESSIONAL PICK-UP.

    Agile, versatile and powerful, Fullback does not know the meaning of words such as "rest" or "too much." That is because it was designed to take on the toughest of tasks, with OVER 4 TONNES OF TOTAL LOADING CAPACITY, UP TO 3.1 TONNES OF TOWING CAPACITY AND 1 TONNE OF LOAD.

    Furthermore, with its distinctive style and SMALL TURNING CIRCLE (5.9M), Fullback is perfect in town as well

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    Work with style

    FULLBACK attracts attention owing to its muscular, aggressive and at the same time soft and elegant lines. Its style reveals all the care and passion of Fiat Professional, resulting in a design conceived to be serviceable to your work.

    FULLBACK IS AVAILABLE IN DOUBLE CAB VERSION (5 seats ), and two trim levels: SX and LX. That is because professionalism is also seen in the possibility of choice that you are given

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    Shoulders even the biggest enterprises

    Rugged, reliable and practical down to the finest detail, the Fullback is precisely what you expect from a work vehicle. FULLBACK offers you up to one tonne of loading capacity and a 1.52 M LONG CARGO BED.

    Its overall dimensions (5.2 m long , 1.8 m wide), also make Fullback the ideal pick-up for your everyday lifestyle. Even after work.

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    Discover the pleasure of working hard

    At Fiat Professional, we know how much time you spend in your work vehicle.

    That is why we have made FULLBACK very comfortable and welcoming, to make sure you never get tired of using it, even after a long, exhausting day at work. Nothing is left to chance: ERGONOMIC SEATS, SPACIOUS INTERIORS THAT ARE PERFECTLY AIRCONDITIONED AND SOUNDPROOFED and a driving position with optimal visibility.

    Everything is built in a way to maximise comfort.

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    Technology and innovation

    In recent years, technology has revolutionised the world of work.

    FULLBACK has not been left behind. Featuring state of the art equipment so you can always stay connected to your work, your customers and your appointments, at any time of day or night, wherever you go, and on any terrain. If work never stops, why should you?

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    Power you can count on

    When the road gets tough, FULLBACK delivers its very best and starts to make the difference.

    Its strength lies in its rugged and flexible chassis and in its engines, which are more reliable, efficient and powerful than ever. Fullback is powered with AN ALL-ALUMINIUM ENGINE.

    It is a 2.4 LITRE DIESEL engine and is available in the 150 HP or 180 HP versions, with a TOWING CAPACITY of up to 3.1 TONNES. Fullback is also fitted with both the 6-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION and the 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION.

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    Always ready to go. Off road

    Fullback was built to become the pivot of your work on any terrain. That is also the merit of its 4X4 TRACTION, now even more efficient and easy to control owing to the exclusive 4WD ELECTRONIC SELECTOR that allows you to distribute the maximum torque to each wheel.

    Fullback's exceptional off-road capability ensures no rugged terrain can stop you from enjoying your favourite leisure activities, or achieving more from work. Try it out. It asks for nothing else.

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    Safety isa guarantee

    Fullback is equipped with a wide range of safety devices designed to guarantee maximum protection and safety of the driver and passengers.


    What's more, Fullback offers you the Hill Holder system for starting off easily even on an uphill road. That is because among all your work tools, safety cannot be lacking.

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    Makes way for all your needs

    There is another field in which Fullback is unbeatable: versatility. Fullback has been expressly designed to offer you the most solutions.

    By adapting its cargo bed and cabin to your requirements, Fullback can play any role you and your work may need. Turn the page to see what it is capable of.

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