New Ford Vehicles at A.M Phillip

Your Ford Transit Centre

At A M Phillip Trucktech we are committed to giving you the best value deals on your new Ford Commercial and dedicated to supporting you throughout your Ford ownership experience. That's why we take seriously our Transit Centre commitments. These commitments will give you the confidence that we not only give you value for money but also hep and support you in order for your business to succeed.

TRANSIT CONVENIENCE - With the largest network of dedicated Commercial Vehicle dealers in the country, your local Transit Centre is never far away. With 95% of the UK no further than 45 minutes from a Transit Centre or Service location, no-one else can offer the same levels of supprt and expertise for your business.

TRANSIT TRUST - Finding the right vehicle and aftersales solution for our customers’ business is important to us. With our award winning range of Commercial Vehicles supported by RAC workshop quality accreditation, your local Transit Centre gives you peace of mind that you have made the right choice.

TRANSIT 24 SERVICE - Minimising the time your vehicle is off the road whether for routine or emergency repairs and getting a consistent level of service is what Transit 24 is all about. From late night opening to courtesy services our Ford trained Technicians ensure Transit24 is the Service promise to keep your business moving.

TRANSIT FINANCE - Transit Centres offer a wide range of vehicle ownership, leasing and aftermarket solutions which can be tailored to suit your individual financial needs, giving you the confidence that you have made the right decision for your business.

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