tourneo custom hybrid image

Ford Tourneo Custom Plug-In Hybrid

Key Features

  • Work smarter
  • Best of both worlds
  • Effortless recharging
  • Always travel business class
  • EcoBlue Hybrid

    The new Tourneo Custom is available as an EcoBlue Hybrid.

    This technology helps to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, with a small battery-powered electric motor providing extra support to the combustion engine when needed.

    Kinetic energy and regenerative braking recharges the 48-volt hybrid battery while you drive.

  • Plug-In Hybrid

    The Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) utilises two separate power sources.

    A battery powered electric motor drives the vehicle, while its 1.0L Ford EcoBoost petrol engine works to recharge the hybrid battery and extend the vehicle’s range.

    The driver can select between three available EV modes, including EV Now which allows you to drive with zero emissions on electric-only power, this can take you up to a targeted range of 33 miles (55 kilometres) using the electric motor alone (range may vary depending on the vehicle, weather conditions and driving behaviour). The PHEV battery can also be recharged using most AC network charging points.

  • EcoBlue Diesel

    The New Tourneo Custom features a range of 2.0-litre Ford EcoBlue diesel engines, with four available powertrains offering up to 185 PS of horsepower.

    And with an AdBlue® catalytic reduction system converting NOx exhaust gas emissions into nitrogen and water, every engine meets the stringent Euro 6.2 emissions standards too.

Colours available