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  • Daily Blue Power Family
  • Daily 'Natural Power' CNG
  • Daily 'Electric' Zero Emission
  • Daily Euro 6 RDE Diesel engine
  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    Daily Natural Power CNG

    The New Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power is the first CNG vehicle with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

    It is the best solution for those who have to face daily urban traffic.

    It provides comfort, safety, fuel economy and high performance on a wide range of models, satisfying all your business requirements.

    It is also extremely quiet, perfect for nighttime deliveries in urban areas.

  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    Daily Electric Zero Emission

    A unique electric van or cab with 100% zero emissions, the New Daily Electric has an incredible autonomy range of up 200 km in urban conditions thanks to the flexible electric battery configuration with up to 3 units and to the new EcoPower driving mode.

    Full recyclable batteries make the New Daily Electric a completely sustainable vehicle. With the IVECO patented Flexible Charging Modes, you can recharge your Daily Electric wherever you are within 2 hours thanks to the fast charging mode. You can now develop your business also in cities with the strictest traffic limitations.

  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    Daily 2020 RDE Diesel

    The 2.3-litre engine featuring the advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is the “one-step-ahead” engine.

    It has been tested and verified by an independent body for the more stringent regulations to be introduced from 2020 that will measure emissions in real-life driving conditions (RDE), in addition to the laboratory homologation cycle.

    The Daily Euro 6 RDE 2020 Ready with its standard features such as the Michelin Eco Tyres and the Start & Stop system delivers up to 7% lower consumption compared to the current version based on real urban customer missions.

  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    The First 8-Speed Automatic Gearbox

    The new HI-MATIC transmision generation is designed to provide absolute driving pleasure with its self-adaptive shifting strategy that adjusts the gear shifting control logic, choosing between 20 different programs.

    The Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power is the best solution for those who have to face everyday city traffic.The driver is fully focused on the traffic and driving conditions thanks to the ergonomic multifunctional shift lever.

  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    3.0 Litre Engine for Unrivalled Performance

    Thanks to its sustainable CNG technology, the Daily Natural Power delivers the same performance and transient response as its diesel equivalent.

    The 3.0-litre engine, with its 136 hp and the best-in-class 350 Nm torque, can tackle all missions, including the most demanding refrigeration systems.

  • Iveco Daily Blue Power

    Close to Zero CO2 Emissions with Biomethane

    The HI-MATIC transmission coupled with the Natural Gas engine reduces CO2 emissions by up to 5% compared to the diesel version in real driving and in an urban context.

    The CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 95% by using biomethane, the sustainable fuel of the future. The excellent Natural Power 3.0-litre F1C engine, in combination with the HI-MATIC, further improves sustainability by generating 76% less Particulate Matter and 12% lower NOx compared to diesel.

About the Daily Blue Power

  • The transport industry is seeing a transformation and evolution towards sustainable technologies in urban transport for both goods and people.

    The Daily Blue Power range offers transport operators the unique advantage of true freedom of choice between different technologies and benefits to their Total Cost of Ownership – all of them ready for the challenging 2020 environmental standards.

    • Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power:

    The first Compressed Natural Gas engine with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the Light CommercialVehicle (LCV) industry.The perfect combination of low emissions and drivability for urban areas.

    • Daily Euro 6 RDE 2020 Ready:

    The first LCV ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations. A unique offer in the market.

    • Daily Electric: 

    The zero-emissions* vehicle that enables circulation in cities with the strictest traffic restrictions.

  • The Daily Blue Power is the new product family which provides the answer to green transport businesses that look for the cleanest vehicles.

    The Daily Blue Power family offers the perfect vehicle for urban and suburban missions, and can access all city centres freeing transport operators from the constraints of environmental regulations.

    It shares the Business Instinct of the Daily family, providing a perfect solution with its winning combination of:

    • One-step-ahead Technology

    • Low emissions and low environmental impact

    • High performance and efficiency

    The Daily Blue Power family is also available with on-boad connectivity making it a true professional work tool being both a Driver and Business Assistant, available via customers’ own mobile devices.