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    Drive in Style

    Every single detail has been carefully studied to maximise the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance: the cab has been steamlined allowing air flow around it to be fully optimised, providing a signifcant boost to fuel efficiency.

    * Reshaped roof

    * Twilght rain sensors

    * Front grille redesign

    * Integrated parking cooler

    * Full LED headlamps

    * Multi-piece bumper

    * Aredynamic kit

    * Optimised mirror design

    * Redesigned and extended door

    * Larger outer compartments

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    Live in Comfort

    A NEW WAY TO RELAX Sit back and make yourself at home in the IVECO S-WAY. Enjoy every moment of the journey, behind the wheel and in the cab, with the fully redesigned interiors.

    * Full LED interior lighting

    * Larger roof hatch

    * Shaped high capacity roof shelf

    * Chocie of upholstery

    * Lower central console

    * Comfortable 2.15m standing height

    * Swivel co-driver seat

    * Choice of upper bunk

    * Multiple fridge combinations

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    All-New Bumper and Lamps

    The redesigned bumper offers a choice of plastic and hybrid solutions to match the requirements of your specific application.

    The multi-piece bumper will protect you and your vehicle – and save on repair costs as you only need to replace the damaged section.

    You can personalize the bumper and side skirts with a choice of colour and material combinations. Rubber extensions on the side skirts contribute to the excellent aerodynamics and efficiency of the design.

    The new-design full LED headlights will ensure you have all the visibility you need. The twilight sensor on the windscreen automatically turns on the low beam in low-light conditions. Cornering and bend negotiating functions improve the driver’s visibility when turning.

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    Everything in it's Place

    The spacious new cab offers all the storage you need, with well laid-out capacious compartments. The shaped upper shelf has a massive capacity of 250 litres.

    The outer compartments offer a massive storage capacity of up to 380 litres.

    A folding table is integrated in the dashboard on the co-driver’s side.

    There is a wide selection of refrigerators with capacities up to 100 litres and also available with a freezer.

    The lower console can hold a thick A4 folder.  The new open glove compartment includes a 1.5-litre bottle holder.

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    Rest, Relax and Sleep Well

    The symmetrical layout of the night area has been designed so that you can enjoy a good night’s rest in great comfort.  The one-piece lower bunk offers a choice of soft or hard mattress.  You can sleep safe with the central locking system integrated The rotary switch controls the light selection and dimming with the night-time safety lock.

    Choose from the Smart or Comfort upper bunk, which can be used as a luggage compartment or a passenger bed.

    Two USB ports are located on the upper pockets of each wall.

    You can control all the functions you need, such as lighting, heating, radio or doors, from the bed module and on the MYIVECO Easy Way App.

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    The Right Cab for Every Application

    The IVECO S-WAY cab line up offers a choice of cabs to match your business: the AS sleeper cab, the AT sleeper cab with low or medium roof, and the AD short cab with low roof.

    The IVECO S-WAY also offers a full range of rigids, in diesel and Natural Power versions, suitable for all jobs – from municipal applications and deliveries to demountable bodies.

    The robust and durable chassis makes it a favourite of bodybuilders for the ease and wide variety of possible builds.

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    Efficiently Powerful

    The IVECO S-WAY offers a wide choice of Euro VI/d diesel and natural gas engines to suit all applications. The diesel engines, with 3 displacements and power ratings ranging from 330 to 570, deliver class-leading power. They are also available in natural gas versions that offer clean running and quiet operation.

    Further fuel saving devices include:

    * The Anti-Idling feature avoids long periods of idling, automatically shutting off the engine.

    * Smart EGR increases combustion efficiency by optimising injection timing, and reducing consumption

    * Smart Engine Auxiliaries prevent energy waste when their operation is not necessary: - Air Clutch Compressor - Smart Alternator - Variable Steering Pump

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    All-Round High Efficiency

    The IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS predictive driving system integrates driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, predictive gear shifting and predictive cruise control using state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology.

    The 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category, best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio and long transmission oil change intervals

    The new standard Connectivity Box puts your vehicle in direct communication with the IVECO team of experts who receive data in real time and monitor it round the clock to provide proactive support with the new MYIVECO WAY Solutions.

    The on-board IVECO DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION (DSE) generates weekly reports on the vehicle’s and driver’s performance with tips on how you can improve the driving style for fuel and vehicle optimisation.

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    Natural Power

    S-Way NP is the first gas-fuelled truck on the market specifically designed for international long-haul transport with an exceptional range of up to 1,600km (in 4x2 configuration).

    The IVECO S-WAY NP 2- and 3-axle rigid has been designed to provide a sustainable transport solution for urban and regional distribution. Its green and quiet operation opens access to city centres, densely populated areas and highly regulated low-emissions zones.

    IVECO has pioneered natural gas technology for more than 20 years, developing a widespread network of IVECO service points specialising in LNG and CNG technology, which provide support across Europe.

About the S-Way

  • IVECO S-WAY provides a complete transport solution designed to enhance the driver’s life on board and enable the owners to operate efficiently, profitably and sustainably. The IVECO S-WAY raises the driver’s working and living experience to a new level with the cab designed around their needs providing a spacious and well laid out environment rich in comfort features and advanced functionalities.

    It is set to become a favourite for drivers, and their home from home. At a time when logistics operators and vehicle owners face increasingly fierce competition, IVECO S-WAY delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and sustainability together with low Total Cost of Ownership with its advanced technologies and innovative services.

  • IVECO S-WAY is a 100% connected truck that ushers in a new era of proactive and predictive support. Its advanced connectivity ensures that drivers are always in contact with their fl eet manager, their dealer and IVECO’s expert specialists, so that they are never alone on the road.

    It also unlocks a whole range of innovative services tailored to the customer’s needs and developed to keep the vehicle on the road, operating at its best and maximising the fl eet’s effi ciency. With IVECO S-WAY, drivers and owners will DRIVE THE NEW WAY.

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