Key Features

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  • Manual 6+1 gearbox with 4 low ranges (total 24+4 gears)
  • Chassis Cab and Crew Cab versions
  • 3.0 Litre 170hp Euro 6 diesel engine
  • Wheelbase choice of 3050mm or 3400mm
  • Available as 3.5t and 5.5t GVW
  • Iveco Daily 4x4

    Strong and robust

    The specially designed off-road chassis frame, steel 3-piece front bumper and 3 litre engine are recognised for their strength and durability, key to ensuring the ongoing performance and reliability of New Daily 4x4.

     * Specially designed off-road chassis frame

     * Steel 3-piece front bumper

     * 3 litres engine

  • Iveco Daily 4x4

    Tough outside. tough inside

    New Daily 4x4 matches a solid reinforced body with the driving comfort of an on-road vehicle. From the new high-comfort seat the driver has complete front visibility, while the intuitive ergonomic position of all controls and switches creates a perfect driving position.

     * New high-comfort driving seats and textile foam headrest

     * New digital radio (DAB) and 2 USBs ports

     * Multiple storage compartments

     * More efficient climate control system (both manual and automatic)

  • Iveco Daily 4x4

    Go anywhere

    With New Daily 4x4 no place is out of reach. Thanks to its 24 gears, outstanding climbing ability and special off-road features, you can take New Daily 4x4 across any terrain.

     * 24 different gears with creeper

     * 3 differential locks

     * Wide approach and departure angles (front and rear)

     * Strong climbing ability

About the Daily 4x4

  • New Daily 4x4 is compatible with a wide range of specialist bodies and ancillary equipment.

    Thanks to the multiple Power-Take-Off (PTO) choices both on transfer box and on gearbox, you’ll find the right combination for any off-road application.

    Versatile for bespoke body and ancillary equipment requirements, Daily 4x4 is adaptable to any 4x4 application with multiple PTO options and a front fixing plate standard.

  • Thanks to its versatility, Daily 4x4 is the right vehicle to achieve any off-road mission.  Available in 3.5 and 5.5 tonnes with a 170 hp Euro 6 compliant engine, the Daily 4x4 is more than just a truck.

    The cab is designed for  maximum comfort, the 3-pice steel front bumper resists hard impact and is designed for easy repair and the fuel tank is well protected

    The extensive range of bodies, combined with extreme vehicle performance. make Daily 4x4 the perfect partner for businesses required to work off the beaten track.