Key Features

  • 8.000+ versions available
  • from 3.5 tonnes to 7.2 tonnes Load capacity
  • Intelligent technology for reduced fuel consumption
  • From 7.3 to 19.6 m3 Cargo volume
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    Transport Versatility

    A widest line-up to fit your transport requirements

    The IVECO Daily Euro 6 is the most versatile commercial vehicle with the widest line-up in the industry with 8,000 factory versions to choose from. The Daily is the only van that ranges from 3.3 right up to 7 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, and from 7.3 m³ up to 19.6 m³ cargo volumes. With its endless versatility, the IVECO Daily Euro 6 opens up a wealth of possibilities for a wide variety of missions from urban multi-stop deliveries, such as parcel or courier service, to heavier transport missions like moving furniture. The IVECO Daily Euro 6 versions combine the different wheelbases, power ratings, volumes, internal heights of the load compartment and load capacities to match a broad spectrum of missions.

    The IVECO Daily Euro 6 versatility makes easy to customize the van and turn the commercial vehicle into an ambulance or a rescue vehicle, for example.

    The IVECO Daily Euro 6 is capable of completing your missions efficiently and with low costs of ownership, and with a kind eye to the environment, contributing to your business’s sustainability.

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    Outstanding Performance

    Engine technologies to maximize efficiency The Daily Euro 6 van applies its business instinct to advanced engine and transmission technologies to deliver the top class performance you need to complete your mission efficiently and reliably. The new IVECO Daily Euro 6 engine line-up delivers more power and torque, while reducing the Daily ’s impact on the environment with its low emissions. The new van is equipped with the latest engine technology to maximise efficiency:

    * LP-EGR technology without AdBlue®: the models that run IVECO’s 2.3-litre F1A engine with Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation are ideal to keep the commercial vehicle management as simple as possible. A host of features such as the variable displacement oil pump and the turbocharger will ensure you enjoy excellent fuel economy - and lower operating costs - as well as more power and torque.

    * SCR technology: the models featuring a Selective Catalytic Reduction after-treatment solution benefit from this simple system that doesn’t change the combustion process, so you have all the power and efficiency you need with low running costs.

    *CNG technology: the Daily Natural Power delivers the same performance and transient response as its diesel equivalent, because it features a true diesel engine adapted to run on Compressed Natural Gas. It is a clean-running commercial vehicle and remarkably quiet, which is an added benefit in urban areas with restricted traffic.

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    Profit Maker

    The IVECO Daily Euro 6 is the van that will help you achieve a healthy bottom line The new IVECO Daily Euro 6 further improves the fuel savings, with fuel economy up to 8%* of your commercial vehicle. The Variable Geometry Turbine, available on van models from 136 hp to 180 hp, ensures a more efficient use of the engine.

    The EcoSwitch solution has evolved: the new EcoSwitch PRO intelligent system knows when to step in and reduce torque without intervention from the driver, reducing fuel consumption with no compromise for your productivity. The exclusive IVECO Driving Style Evaluation system helps you improve the way you drive, just as if your driving instructor was sitting right next to you, which can result in significant additional fuel saving.

    The new IVECO Daily Euro 6 reduces the maintenance costs up to 12%**: maintenance intervals have been extended to 50,000 km by longer lasting components and consumables, with 20% more time between services. The optimised braking system with new, tougher brake pads is more efficient and durable than ever.

    On top of that, you can count on a professional and specialised service network that will keep your van running, wherever you are, whatever the time.

    * Compared to equivalent Euro 5b+ models and according to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC)

    ** Compared to equivalent Euro 5b+ models

About the Daily Van

  • The Van with the Business Instinct for Transport.

    The Iveco Daily is the best partner for your business.

    It is just as strong, versatile and as High a performer as ever. In addition, true to its business instinct for the transport industry, it introduces new features that make it an even better partner for your business. The Daily E6 has put innovation and technology at your service to help manage your vehicle effectively and enjoy how its lower cost of ownership contributes to a healthy bottom line for your business. The Euro 6 engines run cleanly and efficiently, adding to your sustainable credentials.

    It also takes care of its drivers: the cab is more comfortable and quieter than ever, and with the HI-MATIC transmission, drivers will discover the meaning of Absolute Driving Pleasure. The Daily E6 is also introducing a new level of connectivity, fully integrating your mobile device with the vehicle so that it becomes your business and driving assistant. The widest range in the industry has become even wider to meet the evolving and broadening spectrum of requirements of your business and of transport operators around the world.

    The Daily E5 is the perfect partner, with its unfailing instinct for anticipating your business needs and providing the solution when you need it, year after year.

  • Innate Robustness Built tough.

    No one even comes close.

    The Daily E6 van was born to handle the most demanding jobs: it has DNA of a truck and is built like one. With GVW ranging all the way up to 7 tonnes, it will carry its maximum load weight all day, every day, if you nee it to. The high-performance front suspension not only gives excellent vehicle control, but also raises the maximum permissible load. The lighter, very strong QUAD-LEAF suspension, available on all 3.5 tonne models, allows for a front axle maximum load capacity of up to 1,900 kg, while with the QUAD-TOR suspension on twin wheel models it is as high as 2,500 kg. With Daily E6’s bigger payloads, you will get the job done quicker and with fewer trips, saving on running costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

    Unique Durability

    Designed to deliver enduring value.

    The Daily E6 van has a load capacity no other vehicle in its class can match and it is built to carry on with its high-performance day after day, year after year, longer than any other van. The driveline, with its reliable engine and transmission that ensures the engine is always running at optimal speed, will enjoy a long life and maintain its top-notch performance right up to the end. The Daily E6 will be good for your bottom line every day that it works for you; it doesn’t miss an opportunity to add value to your business!