The New Iveco Daily Blue Power Introducing the Iveco Daily Blue Power
Iveco Daily Blue Power

Iveco Daily Blue Power

Enjoy eco-friendly versatility with the Daily Blue Power lineup. With advanced technology, low emissions and high efficiency, the Daily Blue Power family is free from the restraints of environmental regulations and can go anywhere, anytime, making it the perfect urban solution. Whether you’ve a day full of inner-city deliveries or need to access urban areas far and wide, the Daily Blue Power range is an efficient way to transport goods and people without worry. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy a sustainable ride in either the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, the first Natural Gas-powered vehicle in its class with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, or the Daily Electric which offers zero tailpipe emissions.

Impressive Range

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a cost-effective way of staying mobile, don’t miss the Daily Electric. This offers an impressive electric-only range of 200km making it ideal for short city drop-offs and longer journeys alike. The flexible battery configuration combines with an EcoPower mode and regenerative braking to deliver an efficient yet powerful performance.

Fast Charging

The Daily Electric can also be charged in as little as two hours thanks to the Fast Charging option at public and private charging points. This helps to minimise downtime and will ensure the smooth running of your business. Models come with a unique electric inlet and connector for a versatile and hassle-free operating experience.

Natural Power Engine

Select the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power and benefit from reduced CO2 and biomethane emissions in comparison to diesel engines. Offering an almost zero emissions solution, the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is a top choice for eco-friendly corporations with an eye on cost effective travel and sustainability.


The New Daily HI-MATIC Natural Power is the first natural gas vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.It is the best solution for those who have to deal with daily city traffic

It offers comfort, safety, fuel economy and high performance for a wide variety of models and meets the needs of your business.

It is also very quiet, perfect for overnight delivery in urban areas


  • CNG Engine performance equal to diesel version
  • Load capacity equal to diesel version (depending on national legislation)
  • Up to 35% fuel cost savings
  • 4dB lower engine noise Vs. diesel
  • Up to 5% lower CO2 emissions Vs. diesel (up to 95% CO2 with biomethane)
  • Lower emissions Vs. diesel (-12% NOx, -76% particulate matter)


Thanks to its sustainable CNG technology, the Daily Natural Power delivers the same performance as its diesel equivalent. The 3.0 litre engine, with its 136 hp and 350 Nm torque, can tackle all missions, including the most demanding refrigeration systems. The HI-MATIC transmission, coupled with the Natural Gas engine reduces CO2 emissions up to 5% compared to the diesel version in real driving and in an urban context.


Choose your 7.2 tonnes Van or Chassis cab. The New Daily Natural Power is perfectly efficient in a variety of working environments. Its strength derives from the unique ladder frame chassis engineered with C-section side members in special steel, allowing maximum flexibility to bodybuilders.