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  • Best selective catalytic reduction system on the market:
  • Lightweight technology for efficiency and long service life
  • Longest maintenance intervals on the market
  • Substantial fuel savings
  • Iveco Stralis

    Total Cost of Ownership Champion

    We assessed all factors affecting TCO and sustainability - from the vehicle’s value and fuel consumption right through to maintenance and uptime.

    In a heavy truck, fuel alone represents 35 to 40% of Total Cost of Ownership: for any transporter, improving efficiency is critical to gaining competitiveness for any operator. This is why the enhancements on the NEW STRALIS have focused on energy management.

    We have worked on:

    efficiency – increased with mission-specific fuel-saving solutions (like SMART EGR),

    predictive capacity – offered by the HI-CRUISE system,

    rolling resistance – reduced with eco-tyres,

    energy optimisation – achieved with smart auxiliaries.

    The NEW STRALIS marks a double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous model, and new technologies, features and ser vices have also been added to fur ther reduce TCO.

    Fuel savings on NEW STRALIS XP may be as high as 11% – and this translates into a 5.6% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Iveco Stralis

    A CO2 Champion fo Every Mission

    NEW STRALIS allows economy and ecology to go hand in hand : this is the winning formula behind all IVECO products.

    The IVECO-exclusive HI-SCR after-treatment system is lighter, more compact, more efficient and easier to maintain than any other Euro VI solution. This means that while it reduces emissions, HI-SCR also cuts costs . NEW STRALIS uses technology and the human factor to minimise fuel consumption.

    Our DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION system is a powerful source of information on driving behaviour and its effects, and a valuable tool for fuel efficiency improvement and a significant CO2 reduction.

    Professionals committed to the environment will appreciate the opportunity offered by our NEW STRALIS XP which, thanks to the DRIVING STYLE EVALUATION system, will contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of the transport industry .

  • Iveco Stralis

    HI-SCR; Our Signature Technology

    Our patented HI-SCR is simply the best selective catalytic reduction system on the market: the only one that achieves a 97% NOx-abatement level.

    This means that Euro VI/Step C standards can be met without EGR.

    HI-SCR maximises safety

    • The most suitable solution in missions such as deliveries, refuse collection, road sweeping, off-road, airports, refineries and fuel loading areas

    HI-SCR maximises payload

    • Compact, lightweight technology for the best combination of efficiency and long service life.

    • No additional components on the engine or bigger cooling system are required

    HI-SCR maximises uptime

    • Longest maintenance inter vals on the market

    HI-SCR enhances fuel efficiency

    • All HI-SCR benefits maintained (safer, lighter, no stationary regeneration)

    • Substantial fuel savings in long-distance haulage missions

  • Iveco Stralis

    High Efficiency Engines

    We have entirely redesigned the driveline to increase the NEW STRALIS’ efficiency further. The new components have been developed and integrated in the driveline design to deliver the greatest benefits in all operational conditions.

    NEW STRALIS offers a wide and well-balanced range of engines to suit all applications, and features mission-specific fuel-saving devices.

    The range includes 3 displacements and 9 power ratings ranging from 310 to 570 hp that deliver class-leading power and torque density. this gives Customers a “downsizing” opportunity:

    • we offer 11- litre engines where most competitors only propose 13-litre versions,

    • and our rear-axle ratio of 2:47 allows for the best fuel performance at just over 1,100 revs. Our commitment to sustainability led us to further improve the efficiency of all power units, increasing the performance on some ratings:

    • maximum torque on CURSOR 11 (+100 Nm on the 420 hp v ersion, and +50 Nm on 480 hp) • and maximum power on CURSOR 13 (now offered at 510 and 570 hp).

  • Iveco Stralis

    Designed Around the Driver

    The NEW STRALIS cab has been designed around the driver. Top-level comfort, safety and infotainment provide an excellent working environment for maximising productivity in all missions. T

    he high-roof version has an internal height of 1.989 m and a volume of over 10 cubic metres. The dashboard is ergonomic and functional, made with compatible materials to prevent squeaks and rattles.  The driver can easily reach all controls without moving away from the seat’s backrest, maintaining maximum safety.

    Every feature is designed to improve well-being on board:

    • steering wheel with pneumatic adjustment and integr ated controls,

    • heated and ventilated driver seat with height-adjustable seat-belt,

    • HI-COMFORT bed, 80 cm wide and over 2 m long, with wooden slats and reclinable backrest,

    • fold-away top bunk with air-sprung opening system,

    • low-consumption night air conditioner built into the roof panel, • in excess of 30 dr awers and storage compartments,

    • optional 50-litres maxi-fridge for long-distance missions.

    On top of all this, the cab features excellent sound insulation and new, more functional shades and curtains. NEW STRALIS and NEW STRALIS XP can be specified with all cab types and heights .

  • Iveco Stralis

    Stralis XP, the Long Haulage TCO Champion

    NEW STRALIS XP is designed to drive more miles with less fuel. Developed to offer the best economy and performance in long-haul missions, it improves fuel efficiency and reduces TCO through advanced technology and a completely new product approach.

    With NEW STRALIS XP, we have made the perfect long-distance vehicle: a real “fuel manager”, able to control all the variables that affect consumption, supported by a unique set of services designed by IVECO to reduce CO2 and TCO.

    It offers the best integration between product and services on the market, covering two thirds of Total Cost of Ownership, and providing the most comprehensive transport solution available in the truck industry today.

    On NEW STRALIS XP, all fuel-efficiency features are offered as standard such as SMART EGR, a system that improves combustion efficiency, highly effective on long-distance routes(*),  SMART AUXILIARIES, for engine friction reduction, HI-CRUISE, the system that integrates driving assistance functions such as eco-roll, predictive gearshifting and predictive cruise control, ECOSWITCH  with a speed and torque limiter, optimised rear-axle ratio,  and low-rolling resistance eco-tyres,


    Total fuel savings reach up to 11% for product and up to 3% for services. All factors considered (fuel, maintenance, value and uptime), NEW STRALIS XP reduces the Total Cost of Ownership of a long-haul mission by up to 5.6% .

    (*) Only available for 480 hp and 570 hp versions.

About the Stralis


    NEW STRALIS XP truck was developed for long-distance missions and features fuel-efficiency solutions such as SMART EGR, optimised rear-axle ratio, eco-tyres and the new Fuel Consultancy Services.

    It also features the HI-CRUISE GPS-predictive system – that manages cruising, gearshifting and eco-roll by integrating driving parameters with state-of-the-art GPS-mapping technology.


    NEW STRALIS truck has the right solution for all municipal, light construction and urban delivery missions thanks to the HI-STREET and HI-ROAD short-to-mid-range cabins and a wide offer of low-emissions and high-torque engines at different power ratings.


    NEW STRALIS perfectly suits the mission thanks to its technical solutions for weight reduction and its compliance to the stringent requirements of the ADR agreement.

    In addition, our HI-SCR system offers a decisive advantage: no active regeneration and lower exhaust temperature make it the most suitable solution for restricted areas such as airports, ships, tunnels, refineries and fuel loading bays.


    NEW STRALIS truck offers excellent fuel-saving performance also on medium-range regional routes, thanks to a complete package of fuel-efficient features that perfectly match vehicle configuration and mission characteristics.

    The GPS-predictive HI-CRUISE system is offered as standard on NEW STRALIS XP, and can be specified as optional on NEW STRALIS.