Key Features

  • 'Natural Power' Natural gas
  • Up 40% saving on fuel costs v's diesel
  • Up to 7% saving on TCO v's diesel
  • Up to 15% less CO2 v's diesel
  • Efficiency without Compromise in every Mission

    Stralis NP delivers fuel economy on all missions ranging from medium-distance regional routes all the way to long-haul international transport.

    In addition to the outstanding fuel efficiency of the engine, it features fuel-saving solutions such as the EcoSwitch, the optimised rear axle ratio, the low-rolling resistance eco-tyres and DSE (Driving Style Evaluation).

    The advanced efficiency and safety enhancing features include IVECO’s HI-CRUISE predictive system that controls driving assistance functions such as cruise control, gearshifting and Eco-Roll by integrating driving parameters with state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology.

    To secure the best experience and performance, fleet managers and drivers benefit from three dedicated services developed in partnership with MICHELIN SOLUTIONS.

  • Unlimited Sustainability

    IVECO has long believed in Natural Gas and biomethane as the sustainable fuel of the future.  

    Stralis NP is the culmination of its pioneering work in Natural Gas technologies over the past 20 years, which has made it the absolute market and technology leader in commercial vehicles powered by this sustainable fuel.

    IVECO’s commitment to promoting the use of Natural Gas in transport has driven the development of its widespread network of specialised dealers able to support its customers’ Natural Gas-powered trucks on their routes across Europe.

    * Up to a 15% improvement in fuel consumption versus equivalent diesel trucks;

    * Natural Gas is cheaper than diesel in most European countries;

    * No gas oil use at all;

    * A maintenance-free and AdBlue®-free after treatment system;

  • Natural Gas for Lower TCO

    With Stralis NP you can future-proof your sustainable business and ensure its continued growth.

    Your profitability will benefit from the best Total Cost of Ownership resulting from the lowest fuel consumption ever, the lower cost of Natural Gas and the low maintenance costs of the Stralis NP.

    We have extended maintenance intervals to 90,000 km – the longest in the industry for single-fuel gas vehicles! This not only keeps your operating costs down; it means your truck spends less time in the workshop being serviced and more time on the road working for you.

    Stralis NP also offers numerous unique services developed in partnership with MICHELIN SOLUTION that help you run your business efficiently and profitably: they include the routing service, driver training and daily check services. Stralis NP makes you stand out from your competition with a unique offer of a truly sustainable and competitive logistics service.

    From standard and low-height articulated vehicles, to a wide range of rigids – including models for swap body systems, Stralis NP offers you the widest range in the market: are you ready to embrace Natural Gas and power your sustainability?

  • For Your Drivers

    Truck drivers are the most precious asset of logistics companies.

    They deserve a truck that delivers superior performance and outstanding comfort. The Stralis NP has it all to become quickly the preferred truck in any fleet: close to zero in-cab noise and vibrations, fast and intelligent automated gearboxes, perfect driving ergonomics and high-end infotainment equipment.

    The exceptional fuel efficiency of the engine, low fuel consumption guaranteed by the ECO mode and Driving Style Evaluation DSE feature, and the high fuel tank capacity stretch the Stralis NP’s autonomy range up to 1,600 km. When they do have to stop to refuel, your drivers will appreciate how clean and fast this operation is – and how safe, with the Engine Start Inhibition feature.

    Stralis NP also includes Driving Attention Support, a constant monitoring system that alerts drivers if their attention level drops. Quiet, clean and technologically-advanced, the Stralis NP is born to be the flagship of your company.

    A truck your drivers will be proud to use.

  • Sustainable for Your Business

    The force of nature is about to storm the market. This performance is due to the combination of the following factors:

     * Up to a 15% improvement in fuel consumption versus equivalent diesel trucks

     * Natural Gas is cheaper than diesel in most European countries

     * No gas oil use at all A maintenance-free and AdBlue®-free after treatment system

     * A long maintenance interval of 90,000 km

    This economy can be further improved with new IVECO-exclusive Fuel Consultancy Services. For lasting fuel economy, Stralis NP features advanced telematics solutions that allow you not only to follow precisely the fuel consumption of your fleet but also to monitor your drivers’ performance and improve their driving skills where they need it most.  Free five-year servicing is included with all Stralis NP sales.

    To improve your drivers’ performance you can rely on TCO2 Driving, an economy-oriented driving course program that also includes a practical module to learn how to refuel LNG trucks safely and efficiently.

  • Sustainable for the Environment

    Stralis NP makes economy and ecology go hand in hand.

    Natural Gas is the most successful alternative fuel since diesel won the match against petrol. It is not a solution in development; it is already here: a well-proven technology, introduced by IVECO in 1996, and which reliability is demonstrated by the tens of thousands of buses and gas-powered IVECO trucks on the roads across Europe.

    Stralis NP is the first gas-fuelled truck ever to combine the power, fuel autonomy, driving comfort and liveability to international haulage standards, presenting a double opportunity to eco-committed transport professionals:

     * Lowering noise and emissions

     * And reducing CO2, contributing to shrink the carbon footprint

  • Cursor 13 Natural Power Engine

    The new Cursor 13 Euro VI engine was specifically developed for long-haul international transport.

    With a 12.9-litre displacement, enhanced combustion process and optimised weight, it delivers the best fuel efficiency even in very long-distance missions. The new generation gas injectors, fuel rail and pistons are designed to deliver the highest power output and torque. The Cursor 13 NP delivers the same power and torque output as Euro VI diesel engines currently adopted for national and international transport.

    It breaks the previous record performed by the Cursor 9 NP with:

     * 18% more torque

     * 15% more power

     * And best-in-class power to weight ratio

    The new “silent mode 71 dB(A)” function makes this engine perfect for urban operation and night-time deliveries.

    Oil change intervals have been extended even further and, at 90,000 km, are the longest in the industry. The specific gas components have been modified to minimise maintenance costs.

  • Best-in-class Automated Transmission

    Stralis NP 460 hp is equipped with the new HI-TRONIX transmission.

    This new-generation, 12-speed automated transmission with electronic clutch offers the most advanced technology in its category:

    * Modular, service-friendly concept

    * 99.7% efficiency

    * Extraordinary durability

    * Best-in-class gear spread (16.7)

    * And best-in-class torque-to-weight ratio * Reduced noise emissions

    Compared to the previous model, HI-TRONIX improves all performance indicators: it reduces shifting time by 10%, it is designed for almost twice the gearshifts of the previous generation of automated transmission, and it extends transmission oil change intervals to up to 600,000 kilometres (on long-haul missions).

    HI-TRONIX also offers additional functionalities, such as a rocking function to recover grip on low-adherence surfaces, 4 reverse gears and a new offer of PTOs.

  • Many Combinations with Engineered Flexibility

    Stralis NP is available as a rigid, tractor or low-height tractor.

    Rigids come as either 4x2 and 6x2 configurations with the choice of a mid or rear steer. Tractors are available as 4x2 or 6x2 mid steer.

    Active Day, Active Time and Hi-Way cabs are available. The Stralis NP offers the HI-WAY sleeper cab, which was designed around the driver for long-haul missions. Drivers will be just as comfortable and safe on the longer highway sections of their missions as on the shorter regional or urban drives when collecting or delivering a load on a jobsite. AT (Active Time) an AD (Active Day) cabs are available on the Cursor 8 Natural Gas version.

    Fuel tank configurations offer many possibilities of LNG and CNG tank combinations: short tanks, long tanks, right- or left-mounted, LNG and CNG combinations… The possibilities are virtually endless so that your truck can be tailored to best suit your specific mission.

    * 4x2 Tractor with double LNG tanks

    * 4x2 Tractor with single CNG & LNG tanks

    * 4x2 Tractor with double CNG

    * 4x2 Tractor with single LNG tank

    * Low-height tractor with double LNG tanks

    * Rigids with double CNG tanks

About the Stralis NP

  • Stralis NP is the only full range of Natural Gas heavy trucks designed and engineered to cover virtually all on-road and light off-road missions such as construction logistics.

    With a range autonomy of up to 1,600 km, it delivers the power, comfort, transmission technology and fuel autonomy to suit regional and long-distance haulage missions.

  • NEW STRALIS NP 460 is the best Natural Gas powered truck designed and engineered to cover all on-road and light off-road missions.

    With 460 hp and a range autonomy of up to 1,600 km, it delivers best-in-class performance in long-haulage. The lowest fuel consumption ever and the longest in the industry maintenance intervals ensure competitive advantage to your Business.